In this article we will cover a few steps you can take to help increase the likelihood of getting star ratings displayed next to your business listing in Google’s organic search results.

Step 1: Collect first party reviews

According to Google, in order to be eligible for star ratings the reviews must be collected directly from the business’s website. Reviews aggregated from 3rd party sites like Google, Yelp and others, do not qualify for star rating.

Check out our feedback widget that simplifies the process of collecting reviews directly from your website.

Step 2: Display reviews on your website

Once you have started collecting reviews it is time to display the reviews on your website. We recommend creating a stand-along page for your reviews instead of displaying them on your website’s homepage.

Step 3: Add the aggregateRating schema markup

The next step is to add the aggregateRating value to your LocalBusiness schema markup. You can apply the schema markup to your display reviews widget from the widget settings page as such

It is still possible to display reviews from other sites however only apply the aggregateRating markup to reviews that were collected directly from your website.


To summarize, here’s the list of rules to follow to increase the chance of getting the star ratings to display in Google search results:

  • Create a dedicated reviews page on your website to display the reviews
  • Only apply the aggregateRating markup to reviews collected directly from the business’s website
  • Make sure the reviews you mark up are readily available to users

Please visit Google’s website for more information and a list of requirements for correctly marking up your reviews.