In this article you will get an overview of what the rating badges are, how to customize their appearance and embed them on to your website.

What are Rating badges?

A rating badge is a simple html/javascript widget that generates a badge with the rating and number of reviews from a reviews platform of your choice.

Here’s an example of what a Facebook rating badge looks like:

You can create multiple rating badges within the dashboard for each review site that contains reviews for your business and is supported by our system.

Customizing the appearance

It is possible to customize the appearance of the rating badge to match the rest of your website on the badge’s settings page. Some of the attributes that can be customized include the badge size, star rating color, background, border and making the badge clickable and linking it to the reviews listing page of your choice.

Additionally, it’s possible to apply custom css in order to further customize the badge look and feel.

Adding a badge to your website

After creating a badge and customizing it to your liking simply click on the Embed Code tab and copy and paste the provided code directly into your website.

It is also possible to include multiple badges from the same or different review sites on a single page by including the embed code(s) multiple times wherever you wish your badges to appear.

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